The Stoney Hills Ring

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The Stoney Hills Ring
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When we moved to Alresford we were planning to put the Charmborough Ring in the roof of our garage when they were not in use. However, in 2018 and 2019 they were out and about a lot and we decided to ask Matthew Higby to cast a new ring of eight instead.

The garage had a small workshop at the rear, with its own access off the lawn, which has become the comfortable new ringing room.

The bells were hung in March 2022. There is a video below of Ben Kipling, Matthew's expert bell tuner testing the bells after tuning. There is also a video of the try-out ringing.

The ringing room

The ringing room at the rear of the garage

Videos (click on image)

The Stoney Hills bells after tuning The Try-out

Tower & bell details (cccbr.org.uk)

Why Stoney Hills?

I was brought up and learnt to ring in Stone, a village in the Vale of Berkeley between the Cotswolds and the river Severn. It has a ring of six bells with a tenor of five and half hundredweight. My parents farm was on the village green next to the church. My mother died shortly after we moved to Alresford and my youngest brother inherited the farm, and that of our aunt and uncle. He has since sold the old 17th Century farmhouse (Hall Farm) and built a new farmhouse on the site of my aunt and uncle's post-war farmhouse (the Hills). He retains the farmland of both farms which is now known as Stoney Hills Farm. Stoney Field is one of the field names, as the whole area is stoney!

Roger Booth.